Why is my review not showing up on Google?

When you take the time to write a review for a business or service on Google, you naturally expect it to be visible to others. It’s a way to share your experience, whether positive or negative, and contribute to the community’s knowledge about a particular service or establishment. However, there are moments when you might notice your review isn’t showing up on Google, leading to confusion and sometimes frustration. This phenomenon can occur for several reasons, each tied to Google’s policies, technical issues, or specific actions by the business. Let’s explore these reasons in detail.

1. Violation of Google’s Review Policies

One of the most common reasons a review might not appear on Google is that it violates Google’s review policies. Google has strict guidelines to ensure reviews are informative, respectful, and not misleading. Reviews containing inappropriate language, spam, fake content, off-topic commentary, or personal information are likely to be removed or not published at all. It’s crucial to review Google’s content policies before posting to ensure compliance.

2. The Review is Undergoing Moderation

Newly submitted reviews don’t always appear immediately. Google employs automated systems and sometimes manual moderation to ensure reviews adhere to their policies. This process can introduce a delay between the time you submit your review and when it becomes visible to the public. Depending on the content of the review and the current volume of submissions, this could take from a few hours to several days.

3. Technical Glitches or Delays

Like any online platform, Google is not immune to technical glitches that can affect the visibility of reviews. Sometimes, a review might not show up due to a temporary bug or delay in the system. These issues are typically resolved without any action required from the user, but they can cause temporary invisibility of reviews.

4. The Business Has Been Flagged or Removed

If a business is flagged for violating Google’s business policies or has been removed from Google Maps for any reason, reviews associated with it may also disappear. This situation can occur if a business has closed, moved without updating their information, or if Google has detected fraudulent activity associated with the business.

5. Your Account is Under Scrutiny

Google may place accounts under scrutiny if they detect unusual activity, such as a sudden surge in review activity, reviews for businesses in different countries within a short period, or patterns that suggest spamming. If your account is under review, your previously posted reviews may not show up until the scrutiny is lifted.

6. The Business Owner Responded

While it’s less common, sometimes reviews may not appear or be delayed because the business owner has responded to them. Business owners have the right to flag a review if they believe it violates Google’s policies, leading to a re-evaluation of the review by Google. This can temporarily make the review invisible until Google completes its assessment.

How to Ensure Your Review Shows Up

To maximize the chances of your review being published and remaining visible, follow these guidelines:

  • Ensure your review is honest, respectful, and free from personal information.
  • Avoid using inappropriate language or adding irrelevant content.
  • Make sure your review is specific to your experience with the business.
  • Avoid creating multiple reviews for the same business from the same account.


There are multiple reasons why your review might not show up on Google, ranging from policy violations and moderation delays to technical glitches and account issues. Understanding these reasons can help you navigate the process more effectively and ensure your contributions to the Google review ecosystem are seen and valued by others. Remember, the goal of reviews is to provide constructive feedback that helps others make informed decisions, so always aim to be clear, respectful, and honest in your submissions.