Real Estate Review Sites That Realtors Should Know About

Real estate review sites have become a vital tool for both realtors and consumers, offering a platform to showcase services, gather feedback, and build trust with potential clients. For realtors, understanding and leveraging these platforms can significantly impact their business growth and client satisfaction. Here’s a comprehensive review of key real estate review sites that realtors should be familiar with.


Zillow is arguably the titan of online real estate platforms, offering a vast array of tools for both buyers, sellers, and real estate professionals. Its review section allows clients to rate and review their experiences with realtors, making it a crucial platform for professionals looking to establish credibility. Zillow’s interface is user-friendly, and its widespread use makes it a go-to for many potential home buyers and sellers. Realtors can create profiles, list properties, and collect reviews, which can significantly enhance their visibility and attractiveness to prospective clients. is another major player in the online real estate space, offering extensive listings, resources, and a platform for realtors to connect with clients. The site allows clients to leave feedback and ratings on realtors’ profiles, which can help professionals stand out in a crowded market. The platform is associated with the National Association of Realtors, lending it a degree of credibility and seriousness that can be appealing to more traditional or cautious buyers and sellers.


Owned by Zillow Group, Trulia is a popular real estate site that focuses on providing detailed information about neighbourhoods, including crime rates, school ratings, and community reviews, alongside traditional property listings. Realtors can benefit from Trulia’s review system by showcasing their local knowledge and expertise, making it an excellent platform for those who specialize in specific neighbourhoods or types of properties.


While not exclusively a real estate review site, Yelp is a powerful platform for any service-oriented professional, including realtors. Its broad audience and high traffic volume make it a valuable space for realtors to gather reviews and increase visibility. Positive reviews on Yelp can boost a realtor’s reputation beyond the real estate-specific audience, attracting clients who might be looking for a wide range of services.

Google My Business

Google My Business (GMB) is essential for any realtor looking to enhance their online presence. By setting up a GMB profile, realtors can appear in local search results and Google Maps, making it easier for potential clients to find them. Reviews on GMB are highly visible and can significantly influence prospective clients’ perceptions. A well-maintained GMB profile with positive reviews can drive traffic and lead generation more effectively than many traditional marketing strategies.


Facebook’s platform offers a unique combination of social networking and business reviews, making it a versatile tool for realtors. By creating a business page, realtors can share listings, engage with their community, and collect reviews and ratings. The social aspect of Facebook also allows for greater interaction with reviews, including the ability to respond and engage with clients directly, fostering a sense of community and trust.

Angi (Angie’s List)

While Angie’s List is more broadly focused on service provider reviews, it does include a category for real estate professionals. It’s known for its rigorous review process, which can add an extra layer of credibility to the reviews received. For realtors, being listed and reviewed on Angie’s List can signal a commitment to quality and service, appealing to clients who are looking for top-tier professionals.


These platforms offer an opportunity to build a robust online presence, showcase expertise, and foster trust with potential clients. By actively engaging with clients on these sites, responding to reviews, and encouraging satisfied customers to leave positive feedback, realtors can significantly enhance their reputation and attract more business. In the competitive world of real estate, a strong set of positive reviews can be the difference-maker in winning new clients and achieving long-term success.