Empower Your Website with Avarup Widgets

Elevate the credibility and appeal of your website with Avarup’s custom website widgets. Designed to seamlessly integrate into your existing layout, our widgets are your tool for communicating trust and enhancing user engagement, ultimately driving higher conversions.

Available Widget Styles:

  • Carousel: Rotate through your best reviews in an eye-catching carousel format that keeps users engaged.
  • Feed: Keep your reviews in a continuous feed, showing real-time customer satisfaction.
  • Video: Bring a dynamic edge with video testimonials that tell your success stories.
  • Pop-up: Grab attention at just the right moment with strategically timed pop-up reviews.
  • Badge: Display a subtle yet impactful badge on your site to highlight top-rated customer feedback.

Customization at Your Fingertips:

Avarup widgets come with a variety of customization options to match your brand’s style and needs:

  • Dark Mode: Opt for a sleek, modern look with our Dark Mode setting.
  • Hide Scores: Focus purely on the textual feedback without displaying rating scores.
  • Hide Profile Photos: Choose a more uniform presentation by hiding user profile photos.
  • Hide “Leave a Review” Button: Keep your widget solely informational by removing prompts for new reviews.

Focus on Quality: Our widgets are designed to only display 4 and 5-star reviews that include text, ensuring that only your best feedback is showcased. This selective display is not just about showing the positive, but about ensuring the feedback is meaningful and detailed, enhancing trustworthiness.

Easy Integration: Integrating Avarup widgets into your site couldn’t be simpler. Just copy the provided code and paste it into your website as an HTML element. You have full control to manage what appears on your widgets—removing a review is as easy as visiting the Reviews section and selecting ‘Remove from Widgets’.

Boost Your Conversion Rates: Share these carefully curated widgets on your website to build confidence among your site visitors. With Avarup, you’re not just displaying reviews; you’re building an environment of trust.

Invite your website visitors to see what others have to say and let your happy customers do the talking. Start with Avarup widgets today and transform your website into a beacon of trust and satisfaction.