Explore the Features of Avarup

Avarup is your go-to solution for amplifying customer feedback and refining your brand’s image. Delve into a range of features tailored to make your interaction with reviews a breeze.

Streamlined Review Collection

– Versatile Review Requests: With a tap, send out review requests through WhatsApp, SMS, Email, or QR Code, aligning with your customers’ convenience.

– Timely Reminders: Automate SMS or Email reminders on the 3rd and/or 7th day, ensuring your request doesn’t go unnoticed.

– Customizable Request Templates: Tailor the review request templates to echo your brand’s persona.

Review Link Customization:

– URL and Title Modification: Personalize the review link URL and preview title to match your brand’s identity.

– Visual and Text Edits: Adjust the logo, copy, image, and set the evaluation filter threshold for a captivating review interface.

– Review Platform Preferences: Enable or disable specific review platforms, permit private feedback, and unlock unlimited video testimonials for a fuller feedback narrative.

Constructive Negative Feedback Handling:

Internalization Option: Choose to internalize negative feedback, turning criticisms into actionable insights while spotlighting positive reviews.

Broad Spectrum Review Consolidation

– Multi-Platform Aggregation: Merge reviews from over twenty platforms, providing a panoramic view of your brand’s standing.

– Instant Review Alerts: Receive email notifications for new reviews, keeping you in the loop.


Enhanced Review Search and Organization:

– Keyword-Based Search: Locate reviews effortlessly using keywords to gauge customer sentiments.

– Multi-Faceted Filtering: Organize reviews by Assessment, Type, Answer, or Date for an ordered review overview.

Unified Review Management

– Centralized Response Center: Engage with reviews from a unified platform, fostering a consistent brand communication.

Social Shareability: Share exemplary reviews on social media and celebrate customer satisfaction.

– Social Post Template Customization: Design social media post templates that resonate with your brand’s tone.


Displaying Reviews On-Site:

– Diverse Widget Styles: Exhibit positive reviews on your website with a variety of widget options like Carousel, Feed, Video, Pop-up, or Badge to captivate site visitors.

Comprehensive Dashboard Analytics:

– Insightful Overview: Visualize key metrics like review count, growth trajectory, and a funnel showcasing invites, unique visits, new public reviews, negative feedback, and average rating growth on a user-friendly dashboard.

Multilingual Capability

– Up to Twenty Languages: Avarup’s interface is fluently translated into up to twenty languages, welcoming a global user base.

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Avarup is not just a review management platform; it’s your partner in building a reputable brand that resonates with satisfaction and quality.